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Building a blog & shop for WHERE Fashion

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2 July 2009
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WHERE is new ethical fashion retailer founded by Lawrence Warren. WHERE needed an online presence and was also toying with the idea of having their own shop. In other words an additional direct route to market, via an ecommerce solution.

RAAK was very excited to work with an ethical brand like WHERE. The authenticity and ability to cut out middlemen than new media technologies provide made them an ideal choice for addressing WHERE’s business needs.

We built an integrated blog and shop. And we then trained WHERE on how to interact with their potential customers using their blog. AND we also trained WHERE in the use of Twitter to promote their blog, shop and products.

Central to WHERE’s brand identity is the idea that one should be aware of the location the products are produced.

We built that into the WHERE blog. All posts can be categorised with the location of where products were produced.

But princely the blog serves the purpose of talking about the brand and what the company does with prospective customers.

This includes posts about the whole production process, including moodboards, production facilities, but also anything that tickles WHERE’s fancy. In other words the blog gives the WHERE brand a personality.

We continue to work with WHERE to improve their blog and social media strategy and you can follow WHERE on Twitter.

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