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Repositioning 3VOOR12 TV

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2 July 2009


We’d been working for the lovely people from 3VOOR12 for a while, creating a magazine show for tv and developing a visual-radio live-broadcast solution for internet-streaming on location.
So we knew and understood the brand very well. 3VOOR12 is Holland’s most important alternative music portal. They’ve been doing internet radio since the dark ages and mobile streaming since the semi-dark ages. They’re known their innovation, for their credibility and for their out-of-the-box-thinking. Nowhere in the world can you see a death metal video and then a Dutch hiphop act.
As part of their target to cover all platforms, they’d been running 2 semi-automated music channels online for a while, but it wasn’t getting much attention and it was becoming cluttered.
To add more clarity, we streamlined the scheduled, created a promo strategy and gave the in-house team a brief and tools that allowed them to re-brand certain aspects of the channel.

But 3VOOR12.TV couldn’t be seen to become a ‘proper’ tv channel, that would have been suicide. So we made sure the promo and schedule strategy wasn’t repetitive, that it wasn’t patronising.
And we added some interactivity. We developed ‘My3VOOR12′, a show where users could submit their own 30 minutes of music video programming. Plus an interactive chart, voted for online and via the Red Button.

But the program that got the awards-people excited was ‘White Noise’. Based on the concept of visualising radio (which the guys at VPRO had been exploring for a while), the plan was to do something special for DJ Dave Clarke’s weekly 2 hour-set on one of their radio stations. So the idea came about that it would nice for people to type in keywords (online and through their tv remote) and that those words would pull in picture from the Flickr archives. Which, in turn, would be cut together on the beat of the music. It worked a treat, thanks to the great programming work from the guys at Do-Tank.

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