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TV ad for Hotels Kyriad

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2 July 2009

This was the last project at Pixelspew. While we were talking about convergence and the changing world of advertising, TBWA contacted us because they really wanted to work with director/animator/artist/all-round genius Han Hoogerbrugge. Which gave us the chance to get our teeth into a proper tv ad! Oh the irony…

Pros: It was nice to see that everybody was open to creative ideas. TBWA even stimulated Han to apply his usual weirdness. In the past, commercial clients have said that before and then rapidly changed their minds, but these guys were actually disappointed with our  initial thoughts. They were too ‘normal’.
Still, we had to balance the more ambitious requests from the creatives (“can he jump across the bed, then do a somersault”?) with the key message of the spot. We wanted to keep the message clear and not stuff 100 ideas in 20 seconds and not let interesting visuals take the attention away from the core text. We think we did fairly well. And the tone of voice was nicely continued in the web animations, produced by Else.
Kyriad was very happy with it, which is always a good sign.

Trivia: I couldn’t help but crack up when we went to TBWA’s Paris office and saw all the Cannes Lions awards etc prominently on display. Very old-school.

Cons: It’s still a tv ad and some animated web banners, isn’t it? So it did feel like a lot of time and effort for possibly-not-that-much result.
From an awareness point of view, I’m sure it worked ok. But with Raak, we’d love to talk directly to the client and explore other routes to back up that increased brand awareness with a Twitter campaign or a website or …

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