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Viral awareness about climate change

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2 July 2009

We’d already been brainstorming with the team at Ben & Jerry on how to get that elusive ‘MTV audience’ interested in a pretty serious message. Then we got the call that they wanted to ‘go viral’. The objective was to raise more awareness about the campaign and get more people to send in their application videos.

Rather than do the usual, dull melting-iceberg approach, we approached it with a bit more rock ‘n roll attitude. B&J immediately realised the potential of a girl smashing up a big 4×4. It worked a treat.

What we learned: At the time, our knowledge of seeding was limited. We recommended to the client to use a major seeding company, but budget restrictions meant that didn’t happen. So if this project would happen right now, we wouldn’t just come up with the concept, but also suggest an overall social media approach to distribute the message more efficiently.

And it served its purpose internally. Through internal show-and-tell conferences, it managed to get other countries interested in the Climate Change College and the UK team at some point planned it to use it as a cinema ad.

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