You may or may not know that I’ve dabbled in music videos in the past. A very creative art form from a director’s point of view, but I did find the labels’ thinking oh so traditional at times.
So I’m happy to see some cool creativity coming out of Sony Music. And not in the shape of a music video, but a sort of technical experiment viral.
Two creatives at Sony used the Bare Conductive technology (developed by RCA students) to create what is effectively a human synthesizer played by Calvin Harris. It’s all clever technical wizardry but it comes down to people who are covered in special paint that allows your body to become an electrical conductor touching each other to trigger certain sounds. The Making Of video explains more.
It has a lovely ‘how did they do that?’ element. Plus, add some half-naked ladies (surely an idea from Mr Harris), and it’s already racking up the views on YouTube. Beats “let’s try and get onto MTV”!