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Hijacking home-made fliers

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2 September 2009

Cardon Copy is the kind of design experiment that makes me smile.

Presumably fed up with the ugliness of it all, New York designer Cardon Webb went round his neighbourhood to collect hand-written, self-distributed fliers, the ones that advertise a room for rent or a missing cat. He then re-designed them (or more accurately: designed them) and put the aesthetically enhanced version back up in the original spot.

The result is an intriguing mix of creative fun and social experiment. It questions the added value of design, it beautifies the area, it tries to help others.
Overall a great idea. Although it would have been nice to not just see the works pop up in a gallery, but also track and show the results of his experiments. A little video with reactions from the people who put up those simple notes. What did they think of it? Did the re-designed versions help them at all?

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