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Tweet customised status updates to LinkedIn and Facebook

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7 September 2009

Micro-blogging, status updates, personal newsfeeds…

If you have used status updates you know how powerful a tool they can be for:

  • making announcements
  • sharing ideas
  • networking and
  • raising your profile.

If you have spent time building your personal and professional networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, all the better. It’s your crowd and they – if you have gone about it right – love what you have to say.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could tweet once and and read anywhere? Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? That’s exactly what @Gerrie has been fantasising about. Having to sign into all of these to make three updates is tedious.

What we need is not only a universal status tool, but one that can be customised and filtered to work in different environments.

We did a bit of research and we found a way to send your tweets from Twitter as tailored status updates to Facebook and LinkedIn. What’s more, this solution does not send all messages. You won’t lose any Facebook friends.

We will use three other web services to do our universal customised status updates:

It’s really easy to do, and in the next three video tutorials @Gerrie will explain how.

NOTE: It can take a while for Twitterfeed to activate, so don’t despair if it doesn’t work in the first few hours.

1. Using Yahoo! Pipes to change and filter your Tweets.

2. Using Ping.fm to set up connections with LinkedIn and Facebook

3. Using Twitter feed to pull in your Yahoo! Pipe and connect to Ping.fm

You’re done. Tweet once – write everywhere.

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