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Twitterspread: Tweet once write anywhere?

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4 September 2009

I’ve recently started appreciating Facebook again. For quite some time, while I was discovering the joys of Twitter, my FB activity admittedly was pretty much limited to accepting friend requests.
But I’m rediscovering the joys of the blue pages, especially because social networking platforms are becoming more integrated. I figured out how to make my Twitter feed show up as my FB status update and I can now reach different friends/followers on different platforms.
Useful. Sweet.

However, I found it ugly to see a ‘re-tweet’ sitting on my FB status for a few hours. A message like “RT @theineke looking for Php developers. Please RT” doesn’t fit the Facebook vibe. For me, FB is still more personal. Re-tweeting is more like forwarding an email or ‘Liking’ something on Facebook. It’s not from you, but ‘passive expressive’. And for me it doesn’t sit well on the status update.
Same with conversations I’m having with someone directly. None of my FB-friends is interested in Reading “@wybe No problem”. It actually feels like spam.
But I do want to re-tweet a message. To help a follower looking for people, to spread round a link to a presentation,… That’s the joy of Twitter.

I know there’s a Facebook app that allows you to decide whether a Tweet shows up on FB by including the #fb hashtag. Not bad, but still, it’s 3 characters you could use for something else. And it’s 3 characters that don’t have anything to do with the subject of the message.
And how about my Linked In status update?

So @wildebees decided to explore Yahoo Pipes for a few hours and managed to build a way round it. So now my RT’s and @’s no longer show up on my Facebook and Linked in statuses.

It made us smile so much we’re working on a ‘how-to’ blog-post and video tutorial, which are coming soon.

UPDATE: the ‘how to’ blogpost is ready.

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