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UK daily newspaper circulation and recent Barb TV figures

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21 October 2009

I spent this afternoon dragging the Guardian’s ABC Newspaper figures onto a spreadsheet, and I made this quick graph. Not surprising really: circulation is down consistently in the last decade.

And since 1956, daily circulation has gone down nearly 30%. That represents quite a drop considering the size of the UK population during the 1951 census (around 48 million), against over 60 million today.

UK Daily Newspaper Circulation

I also graphed recent (1992-2008) UK television reach figures on the Barb site. Graph below. We have had a proliferation of channels, yet TV’s reach is down.

Barb TV stats - UK TV watching in decline

Barb TV stats - UK TV watching in decline

And from the US, this recent graphical illustration of the decline in magazines.

Proof That Social Media is Killing Print Magazines
Infographic by CartridgeSAVE.co.uk

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