There’s a number of companies out there providing social media training, like here, here and here. All these courses differ in some respects. Some of them look promising too.

So why are we starting a social media training course? We’ve been asked about social media, a lot.

Meet The Media Guru | Cory Doctorow by *Meet the Media Guru*

We’ve developed social media strategies for the World Economic Forum. We’ve given talks and training at Ketchum PR, Kroll, the Salzburg Global Seminar and Open Road PR. And recently we’ve been asked to give meta training – training at a company that does training.

Not long ago we wrote a blog post about new roles in communications. Social media will not only change marketing practise, it will impact the very structure of your business and organisation.

We have something unique to offer, which is a little different from all the above said courses. And what is that?


We have a deep understanding of the historical trajectory of media change. Or put another way: we’re in the midst of the democratisation of media. Who knows where it will end?

Only knowing one tool like Twitter won’t help you spot a new one like Foursquare. We’ll impart to you the principles that will help you navigate and anticipate what might happen next.

We’re into creative practise

Don’t confuse that with zany or brooding. We’ll help you think outside the box, but deliver practical solutions.
What is a good example of digital creativity? Matt Cutts of Google explains in this video how you can get your website seen and linked to by spending only $100. That’s geeky and useful creativity for you.

In short, we think our courses will enable anybody with a passion for communication and an open mind to explore social media for themselves in a focused way.

When creating our course we looked carefully at what is out there already.
As a result we ended up creating three courses:

  1. One course is social media for PR people. Of the old media marketing configuration (PR, Advertising,…) we think public relations is best placed to do social media. In our experience many PR practitioners lack insights about why social media works and how to actually do it.
  2. One is social media training for leaders, like CEOs and Entrepreneurs. This is a strategic course about how best to manage social media in a world where everybody is a media outlet.
  3. And then we have a hands-on practical in-house social media course. Because ultimately Social Media is best done by organisations themselves.

We welcome any feedback on these courses and anticipate adapting them over time.

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