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Battle vote – RAAK's contribution to the UK elections

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4 May 2010

The UK election landscape is in turmoil. The Lib Dem Nick Clegg’s showing in the first ever televised debates in the UK has boosted the third party, and thrown the cat amongst the pigeons (who says there’s no role for old media like TV ;) .)

But the UK has a first past the post election system, which means it is entirely possible that a party can win a seat with a minority of support.

RAAK thinks a lot of Lib Dem and Labour supporters would vote for either party if they knew it would keep the Tories from having a seat.

Tactical voting by RAAK

Tactical voting by RAAK

Over the weekend the Observer published an article on how to vote tactically. And we thought it would be good if the information was easy to access online.

So here it is: Battle vote. See if your vote matters.

PS: Hint – The election debates are much more fun if you watch them while on Twitter. It’s the way forward.

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