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Diaspora energises with the power of Kickstarter

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17 May 2010

Facebook’s recent changes have kicked up a hornet’s nest of privacy concerns.

This post is not about that in particular. It’s about how people with good ideas that read this zeitgeist well can use existing social media to create a ‘buzz’ or even launch a project.

Diaspora on Kickstarter

A group of 4 talented young programmers have read the public mood well and responded with an idea that has captured the imagination – Diaspora.

Their platform of choice: Kickstarter, a well designed new platform that is revolutionising the organisation and funding of projects.

Diaspora is a project that aims to create:

“the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network”

Importantly, Diapora used Kickstarter’s crowdfunding system.

Kickstarter works as follows: you post a project and ask for funding from the great and good of the internet, staggering the amounts that people can contribute. The money is only due once the full target amount is reached. If that doesn’t happen, the money doesn’t leave your account.

It’s a strong platform. An art project that we at RAAK helped founding reached its goal of $10,240 and is now going into production.

Originally Diaspora only asked for $10,000. But as of today, with 15 days to go, they already have $170,000 from nearly 5000 backers.

Now that is pretty impressive.

Three thoughts about Kickstarter.

Funding content instead of Advertising

If you’re a business, why not trawl Kickstarter for worthy projects to fund. We are moving back to a world where business does not buy media space for intrusive messaging, but become patrons of ‘content’. Now here is a platform to do that. Choose the right projects and you could get some PR mileage as well.

Curate and support talent

Perhaps creative agencies should bring deserving artists, designers and even events onto Kickstarter and back them with creative, advice, and promotion etc. That way they don’t just curate ‘content’ but can become part of the creative eco-system.

A while back in an article titled: who says the future needs an advertising agency? Bud Caddell wrote bout one possible future for agencies.

But we’ll also begin to see a new species of agency evolve, the platform builders, that reverse the power dynamic between brand and agency by creating remarkable, attention earning, systems for human interaction.

Now here is a platform to help the platform builders!


Thirdly. Why are there no crowd investing platforms of note? That’s because US and UK legislation makes it illegal to offer shares to the public outside of the official stock exchanges.

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