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The RAAKonteur #8 – Social Buying and Shag the Bear

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10 September 2010

The more you Like, the less you Pay

We’ve talked about Groupon and Pay With A Tweet a few times as an example of how to harness the power of social buying. This week we saw 2 examples of brands that understand that mechanism really well.

Uniqlo set up a system called Lucky Counter, where, if you tweeted about the product, you could bring down its price. Not just for yourself, but for all other people that took part in the campaign. Obviously there was a minimum price set, but people managed to get the price of a jumper down from £24.99 to £9.99. Not bad value for a Tweet.

Another example that was less publicised was Skoda Belgium who also this week launched Fabia I Like. Their currency of choice was the ‘Facebook Like’: the more you Like, the less you Pay. The difference here is that they only sell 1 car and use an auction system to decide who gets to buy. Less social and more of a PR stunt. But still an interesting example.

Cash location

According to a report from the US based ABI Research, location-based marketing will increase from only about $43 million this year to $1.8 billion by 2015.

Find a good blog

Ever since Technorati shut down its Blogger Index, it’s been quite a hard slog to find large blogs in different categories. Google’s own Blog Search only returned blog posts on particular search terms. But now there’s a new way to search for Blogs on Google. Try it with say, financial services or Wags.

Wave in a box

Sure, Google Wave is dead. But even Google Wave’s biggest detractors thought the tool did explore powerful new ways in which people could collaborate on documents and more. The good news is that Google has announced that they will open-source Wave’s code. They call it Wave in a Box.

Who pays for Social Media?

Companies are waking up to social media. But which department’s responsibility is it? And perhaps more importantly – who pays for it? Brand? PR? Direct Response?

Shag the bear

A neat example of how you can use YouTube in a creative, interactive way from TippEx this week. After watching a short movie where a hunter is about to shoot a bear, you get asked to influence the story. Whatever you put in will load a different movie. And yes, they anticipated that we all would put in ‘made sweet love’.

TippEx YouTube

Creative of the week – Dominic Wilcox

My new project to make a creative thing each day for 30 days. If you would like me to spend a day at your work/home/whereever email me #adf

That was a tweet from Product Designer and all round creative thinker @dominicwilcox a few weeks ago. As part of Anti Design Festival, he’s now doing exactly that: make a new thing each day of the month. See what he can do with one of those pop-up train food tray thingies. And how he turns a bread into a lamp. Hopefully we’ll get him over to RAAK HQ before the end of the month.

Dominic Wilcox - Bread Lamp

Tech insight of the week – Twitter’s new API: prepare to mainline your tweets

The effects that Twitter User Streams and Site Streams are going to have on application user experience is bound to blow the most desensitized, information-soaked mind of even the most hardcore Twitter addict … at least for a while. Read More.

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