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Creative of the Week – Han Hoogerbrugge

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19 November 2010

We’re big massive of Dutch animator / artist Han Hoogerbrugge. We love his sense of humour, we love the simplicity of his style. And we love how he’s embraced the Internet to turn it into his very own playground.

Hoogerbrugge is no stranger to the self-publishing powers of the web. Already back in the late 90s, he applied his interactive minimalism to Gif-animations and made a series of  weird and wonderful self-portraits called Modern Living / Neurotica. It garnered him a cult following and a spot in the London Design Museum.

These days he splits his time between ‘real’ exhibitions (you know, the ones in galleries), commercial illustrations and animations (yep, the Pet Shop Boys are fans) and his online cartoon diary called ProStress.

ProStress has now been turned into a book, but if you want to get your daily dose of Hoogerbrugge’s surreal look at the world, just follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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