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Take on Ted – the Web's first live blogger styling – via Twitter

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5 November 2010

Take on Ted Gala

Take on Ted with Blogger Gala

RAAK has teamed up with the Guided Collective this week, and tonight we’ll attempt a little web first.

Ted Baker in the US will have seven US fashion bloggers take turns to style a Ted Baker look, live on the web. With nothing but a live video feed and Twitter. How will it work?

The bloggers will go to TakeonTed.com at 6pm London time:
Each will have 15 minutes to create their styles – from a specific wardrobe, instructing the on-the-ground stylist with Twitter;
Everbody can watch and join and make suggestions by including the hashtag #takeonted;
After the bloggers are finished, selected Twitter users will be invited to style;

Simple as that really.

So who are the bloggers?

They are:

  • Gala Darling
  • Fashion Chalet
  • Style Mom
  • Think Tru Fashion
  • Where Did You Get That
  • The Frisky
  • Saucy Glossy
  • For a round up of current Fashion Blogger Relations, read our blogpost here.

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