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The perpetually changing crowdsourced RAAK logo

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25 November 2010
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Social Media has undermined the idea that businesses are always in control of their branding. Crowdsourcing has altered the idea of what creativity is. So as a company that operates in and explores those spaces, we wanted to – actually, need to – practice what we preach.

It was BBH Labs’ logo project back in April 2009, where they got 1,700 logo submissions and chose one, that got us fired up about including the public in the creative process. Since then we’ve learnt a thing or two from using the crowdSpring platform and did our very own logo experiment, where we got ordinary people to design us an R, an A or a K without them knowing what it was for  (using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform).

Now we’re taking it a step further: a never-ending RAAK logo project that integrates individual letter submissions into a perpetually changing logo made by (hopefully)  hundreds of people.

A company for everybody – A funny take on corporate logo design

We were inspired by designer Phil Seddon’s enthusiastic feedback on our initial branding experiment. So this time, we are setting restrictions as to what people can do. After many discussions about grid patterns and freestyle, Phil has created a framework for design that we think will integrate submissions in our new website look and feel.

Still, if an identity is about making a fancy logo, then we’ll probably fail. But if branding is about

  • 1. making you stand out
  • 2. making people remember you
  • 3. communicating the core values of the business

then we’re doing quite ok.

We want our brand to reflect what we’re about:

open, social, digital, participatory, creative and constantly changing.

So this branding exercise is as much about the process of open collaboration as about the result.

And all the designs will sit in our Logo Archive, with links to the URL of choice of their creators.

You can find more practical info about how it all works and submit your design on the Logo Project page.

PS: We reserve the right to delete really egregious designs. ;)

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