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Creative of the Week – Rafaël Rozendaal

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9 December 2010
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Rafaël Rozendaal does internet art. Not just by selling his drawings on the web (he does that too), but by creating and positioning actual websites as art.

A few weeks ago, someone on Twitter called him the Andy Warhol of the web and that’s exactly what he is. And yes, that’s the word ‘internet’ tattoo-ed on his lip.

Most of his web-pieces are very simple Flash-animations that sometimes play with some basic interactivity (I’m sure you can guess what http://www.annoyingcursor.com/ is about). Some of them are abstract, some are funny, some of them carry a political message.

But it’s the approach to the ownership that makes me smile the most.  You can buy the works, i.e. the domain name, and your name will be added to the title of the page. But the pieces will remain public. If Warhol would have lived in internet times, he surely would have approved.

And if you can’t afford a full website, you can always buy a Rozendaal iPhone app.

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