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Creative of the Week – stAllio!

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27 January 2011
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This week we’ve been intrigued by the wonderful world of glitch-art. I’m sure we’re stepping on some purist toes when we describe glitch-art as ‘creating beauty with bugs and errors in all kinds of digital media’. You know, the blocky stuff that pops up on your tv screen when you’re playing a scratched DVD.

Those glitches can happen with anything, but the interesting artists have been manipulating and triggering these irregularities, something that’s called databending.

One of these databenders is stAllio!, who manipulates the data-structure of an image to effectively plan such a glitch that creates a beautiful image. He does this by opening image-files into text-editors and audio-editing software and finding the right bits and bytes to influence and knead only a certain area or aspect of the image.

It’s all very nerdy and technical and you can find out more about his techniques in these lengthy tutorials.

Or just have a browse round stAllio’s Flickr page. Not quite your standard Photoshop plug-in.

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