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Creative of the Week – Chris O'Shea

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24 February 2011
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Chris O’Shea is an artist/designer who uses technology “to make the unimaginable come to life”. He focuses a lot on interaction design to make fun new ways to engage with people and their environment.

The piece that got him lots of attention was his ‘Hand From Above’ installation, a big video screen on a public square where a giant hand would interact with and transform the people on the square.

Why do we feature him this week? Because he’s just written about his new installation called ‘Little Magic Stories’. O’Shea sits on the board of the the kids charity Action for Children’s Arts and does a lot of work around kids, engagement and digital toys.

‘Little Magic Stories’ is a holographic projection system that helps children to bring their drawings to life, interact with them and playfully develop them into scenes and stories. It’s O’Shea’s first prototype version, but the plan is to use it in workshops to get kids excited about narrative and stories.

This post on his website has a great video and also explains the technology behind it.

a still from Hand From Above

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