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Creative of the Week – Jordi Parra

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17 February 2011
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Some good stuff is coming out of the Swedish interaction design schools these days. And one dude that caught our eye this week is Jordi Parra, who manages to seamlessly blend technology and aesthetics.

Look at how he turns an iPhone into a cute interactive Piggy Bank. But the project that travelled the Twitter waves this week was his Spotify player, which he developed as part of a school project to explore a the ways we interact with digital music.

Parra’s player makes the digital a bit more tangible. Not only does the Spotify player and its packaging look beautiful and sleek, Parra applies some interesting technology. Using RFID tags to store Spotify playlists, he effectively uses them as mixtapes.

You play them by simply sticking them onto the volume knob, which also acts as a magnet. And the LED lights that sit behind the cover act as a screen to display information about battery life,…

Simply yummy. It’s only a prototype, but you can just see this sitting on a shelf in a Muji near you.

And for the tech dudes: on his blog Parra has documented the progress of the whole project in great detail and with nice videos.

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