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News flies at the speed of Twitter

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21 February 2011
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The other day, while following the penalty shoot out between Everton and Chelsea, I noticed it was quicker to get score updates by following the search term #facup on Twitter than by reading the live BBC website. And those guys at the BBC are not slow.

So yeah, even though it’s my job, every now and again I’m still amazed at the power of Twitter and how its speed makes the distribution of news lightning fast. But trying to explain that in words to someone who doesn’t ‘do’ Twitter, isn’t always easy.

So a while ago we tried to visualise the Twitter speed of news. On Friday 11 Feb, when the story broke that Mubarak had resigned (I heard it on Twitter first), we recorded the stream of Twitter messages that mentioned the term Mubarak for a few minutes. Simply watch the video below and see the info come in at an incredible speed. Tweets fly by so fast that many profile pictures don’t have the time load.

Also look out for the top message, which is a Promoted Tweet from Al Jazeera. Throughout the events in the last few weeks, AJ has been incorporating Social Media in their coverage in various ways. But this shows very well how clued up they are about the impact of Twitter on news distribution.

Think about it: a media brand that leverages the people’s thirst for info and grabs that opportunity to do some relevant advertising. In real time. That’s what makes the media world exciting right now.

[QUICKTIME http://www.wewillraakyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/twitterfeed-11feb.mov 258 779 false false]

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