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Creative of the Week – Elliott Kember

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7 April 2011
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You must know by now that here at RAAK we get very excited by the possibilities that come with a good API. The ability to be creative with technology is what makes us tick.

So imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon Elliott Kember’s website. Elliott is a web developer with a knack for building cool stuff on existing platforms and services.

One project of his that has been doing the round lately is a Twitter client that looks like an Excel sheet. Especially for those poor people at big corporate companies who are not allowed to use Twitter. Simply divine.

Another favourite of ours is Instasha.de, a collection of Instagram images arranged by their colour and shade. It sounds simple, but the colours change gradually, so it makes for this really quite gorgeous wallpaper.

And bonus points for overlaying his website with a game of Snake.

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