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The RAAKonteur #38 – Facebook Studio, Twitter trouble and much more

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26 April 2011

Facebook launches Facebook Studio for advertisers

Facebook has launched a showcase site of Facebook campaigns, which also features Labs – how-tos and tips. Here you can see what BMW did to support their US Superbowl effort or that great idea by Flair magazine, called Fashion Tag.


The fascination continues

A new report makes a valuable contribution to the debate over who uses social media:

Despite the plateau reached during the last two quarters, Facebook gained 100 million unique visitors per month over the same time last year and now stands at 590 million unique visitors per month. Twitter is the runner-up at 97 million unique visitors. To put Facebook’s Internet presence in perspective, the combineddaily circulation of the Wall Street Journal, USAToday, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, the New York Daily News, and the New York Post equals only 36% of the average daily unique visitors (19 million) of Facebook. LinkedIn remains stagnant with no growth over the last five quarters and MySpace can claim the most significant trend as it continues its death spiral.

A word of warning from us. These figures don’t include mobile app usage, which is likely to be significant for both Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore it only includes consumers of their website content, not people producing content (active users). A recent report speculated that there are only 20 million Twitter users actually Tweeting regularly. Other points of note, on both Facebook and Twitter, women outnumber men.

Trouble at Twitter

Not a good week for Twitter the last was. Fortune lead with a front page story about operational issues, relatively small user base, boardroom squabbles and more. Biz Stone countered with a personal blog post that did not say much, except for invoking Rocky, and then Silicon Alley Insider chimed in to set the record straight. According to it Twitter was not so much reorganising but organising for the first time. Read all these articles, they are very insightful, but here is just one quote:

It is a firmly held belief inside Twitter’s new regime that its product is too hard to use and far too geared toward people who want to write tweets instead of people who want to read them.

Ebooks are sexy

There are yet more signs of the spectacular growth of ebooks – triple digit in fact – and a big dip in the sales of physical books.

The camera in your pocket that remembers everywhere you’ve been

Techcrunch reports that the iPhone 4 is going to be the most popular camera on Flickr. This, less than a year after its launch, is remarkable.

Researchers have found a very dodgy iPhone log file with records of your exact position and time stamps, reports the Guardian. To add insult to injury it copies this information to your computer and other iOS devices. Suspicious spouses everywhere will rejoice. The researchers have created an app that allows you to view the data on the file.


Hip to be Square

Jack Dorsey, the guy who came up with the concept of Twitter, has another venture. It’s called Square and it allows anybody with an iPhone or iPad to collect electronic payments via credit and debit cards. Now Apple has done a deal with Square and will be featuring their product in their Stores and Online. One other neat feature about Square is that, like with Paypal, you do not need a Merchant Bank account.

Groupon goes for the checkin

We have it on good authority that Groupon is absolutely terrified of Facebook Places. They see it as a way through which Facebook could undermine their group buying service. So it should not come as a surprise that Groupon this week bought Pelago – a company that has built location checkin apps in the past. RWW reckons the marriage of Groupon and Pelago could be a Foursquare killer. We doubt it.

Have the best engineers of a generation wasted their time?

A great article asks whether our greatest minds are spending their time trying to figure out how to make more people click on ads. Great reading matter for your contemplation over the weekend.

Tech Insight of the week

Data visualisation is all the rage. This week’s tech post is a fun experiment we did with Instagram and the jQuery Subway Maps plugin. We plotted some Instagram users’ checkins in the Silicon Roundabout as Subway Lines.

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