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The Nirvana Twitter Pulse

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11 January 2012

Many websites have tried to integrate their Twitter feeds and display them on their site. It’s a great way to show what you are currently talking about, and what matters to your business. It also has the added advantage that it’s much quicker to update than other parts of a site.

Twitter Pulse

We have such an integration ourselves on our front page and elsewhere on our site. We display a few of the latest Tweets from our feed on the right of this page.

But what if you want to have something a bit more graphically inviting combining the Twitter feeds of several accounts. That was exactly what Nirvana CPH was looking for when we built them a Twitter Pulse page.

One of the key challenges when building this page was identifying images that could be displayed along with Tweets. To do this we wanted to extract any images on pages these Tweets links to. (Tweets themselves by default do not have any images).

The challenge is, most webpages have at least dozens of images, many of which have no relevance to the main topic of the page, like images for decorative or advertising purposes. You don’t want to display a banner add, background gradient, or a graphical placeholder as a featured image inside a Tweet.

So we had to make assumptions about the size and the aspect ratio of the typical featured image found on blogs, magazine, newspapers and other sites – basically the image that goes with the story. If we find an image on a page that does not accord, we skip it. If it does match, we suck it from that page, and reformat it for our Twitter Pulse. Nice work.

Read more about our project for Nirvana.

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