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Altimeter's Content Marketing – steps for companies

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1 March 2012
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Aided by modern technologies, all organisations can now become media entities, allowing them to bypass gatekeepers and reach directly to their customers. Content marketing, however, requires a shift in company culture, resources, budgets, partners and strategy.

One of the methods we at RAAK use to come up with strategies for clients is predicated on Forrester’s Groundswell book, published a few years ago. For some time it has been the best attempt to systemise thinking on which social media and social media tools to use for organisations. One of the authors of Groundswell – Charlene Li – has since then moved to Altimeter, headed up by ace Strategist Jeremiah Owyang and Brian Solis. Needless to say we have monitored Altimeter’s output closely.

We have been consulting extensively and training a number of large companies in the use of social media. So when Altimeter published a report two weeks ago on the changes that companies have to go through to be able to do content marketing, we were eager to hear what they have to say.

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