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FMCG brands seem to get social – more than expected – The RAAKonteur #100

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28 September 2012

This week we celebrate our 100th newsletter with something new: A brand new newsletter format!

We absolutely love assembling you the best of the week, every week, but more often than not we’re left with the urge to say more than we can cram into a single email. So, we’re trying out a new format, which will allow us to give you a bit more insight where it’s needed.

The most important element in this experiment, however, is you, our readers. So, please tell us how you find this new format, via email, twitter, facebook, or avian carrierespecially if you think we’ve taken a turn for the worse.

FMCG brands & social – necessity is the mother of invention

innocent and Twitter
Hemmed in by many constraints, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands depend on branding like few other products. Which is why they are pushing social boundaries.

Instagram is bigger on mobile than Twitter

Instagram is bigger on mobile than Twitter
Instagram registered more daily mobile hits in August in the US than Twitter. This could mean an Interesting turn of events in the fight for mobile between Facebook and Twitter.

Is Twitter going to shut out Klout as well?

Evan Williams
Is Twitter about to do to Klout what they did to Tweetbot and others? Well, not exactly, but Klout has cause for concern, while marketing peeps will probably welcome the change.

Rumours of AuthorRank a boon for writers, filmmakers, creatives

Clay Shirky
Is Google going to link PageRank and Google Plus popularity to website publishers? AuthorRank rumours reinforce the importance of trustworthy curators and creators.

Creative of the Week – Paolo Cirio

Private vs public. Digital vs real life. Paolo Cirio and his fascinating Street Ghosts project – he creates posters of people he finds in Google Streetview, and places them on location in real life.

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