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FMCG brands & social – necessity is the mother of invention

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28 September 2012

innocent and Twitter
Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands don’t have it easy. We’ve written before on the particular difficulties that FMCG brands face with social media.

But there are more and more examples of these brands turning adversity into strength.

To recap, FMCG brand’s particular set of circumstances have them pushed into a corner:

  • because their products are often unremarkable (Toothpaste anyone?)
  • because brand marketing is seen as crucial to differentiate and create ‘mind share’ for these products
  • because it has dawned on people that social media is a great form of branding.

The FMCG brands have come out fighting

Because of all these reasons the FMCG marketeers responsible for these brands have grasped the social media nettle better than most. Evidence? How about three of the best Company Twitter accounts for brands like Skittles (yes), Innocent (ok, they are kinda as sexy as a FMCG can get) and Cadburies (yes, you heard right).


Skittles has 40,000 followers and is consistently funny. They engage their audience and do simple smart things.




Innocent is top class with a deserved 78,000 followers. They pull out all the stops – including some journalism – to make their Twitter account entertaining, but always in the Innocent way.


They tell their own story…. (It helps that’s its a non corporate one).

But they are funny as well…


Ha ha! – (but notice the innocent branding – so pro).


Last but not least is sexy (not) Cadburies in their purple glory…

Now, call me a snob, but in my mind Cadburies should have the hardest time. The chocolate is poor, the design is old-fashioned. But their Twitter account is pitched just right.

They use Google Hangouts to launch products -


They have some ironic humour with clever sponsorship going on…


And they have mixed good production values with well scripted humour…



And how many followers do they have? Just over 100,000.

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