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Lost!? iOS6 is out

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20 September 2012


Shortly after releasing what the press labelled as the most underwhelming iPhone in the phone’s history – good sources have it that this reaction is undeserved – Apple has just released the most talked about mobile operating system yet. Not all of this talk is positive, however. The majority of it revolves around the replacement of Google maps with a Russian maps service called Yandex, driving many users close to what could be called a mass mutiny. On the upside, Facetime can now be used over 3G, which puts it one step closer to being serious competition on iOS for Skype.

iOS6 maps Tube fun
Our own experimentation with the new maps app was quite positive. For one, the compass functionality is surprisingly good. It is immediate, accurate, and did not involve the usual “figure eight waving motion” to get your bearing. This also goes for the compass app – none of the usual jittering, it immediately points to the right direction and stays there, and updates quickly and reliably if you change your bearing. This is by no means a thorough review – we’ll keep updating this as we discover issues, advantages, etc during our daily use.

UPDATE: This post on BBC points out quite a few mistakes in the new maps app, and also points out the fact that the data comes from TomTom (which, in our opinion, must be a very, very close shave for TomTom – shoving their business model into relevance again)

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