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Videos that set the world on fire – The RAAKonteur #99

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21 September 2012

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We must talk about… video

The world was rocked for the second time in less than a year by a video this week. The badly made, purposely insulting Innocence of Muslims by what looks like a convicted fraudster had religious zealot and political opportunist Islamists in a rage across much the world. But what is it with video that it arouses such passion? We take a look.

Twitter kills IFTTT

We must talk about… Twitter

We love IFTTT. Its usability is superb, allowing you to harvest almost any aspect of any social network (or anything with an API, for that matter), and push it to anything else with an API. Want to auto-create WordPress posts of your tweets that receive more than 5 retweets? Nothing could be simpler.

Up until now.

The new media hierachy and other key marketing trends

“…only about 15% of tweets received by ordinary users are received directly from the media. Equally interesting, however, is that in spite of this fragmentation, it remains the case that 20K elite users, comprising less than 0.05% of the user population, attract almost 50% of all attention within Twitter”.

We take a look at eight major trends marketeers and media watchers must be aware of.

Waitrose Tweets are reassuringly elitist?

A storm in your high tea! There’s certainly more than a dozen focus group’s worth of information in the #waitrosereasons Twitter feed. The Waitrose campaign panned out well, but was it all planned?

iOS6 – Were on a road to nowhere


Shortly after releasing what the press labelled as the most underwhelming iPhone in the phone’s history – good sources have it that this reaction is undeserved – Apple has just released the most talked about mobile operating system yet. Not all of this talk is positive, however.

Creative of the Week – Dennis P Paul

Sonification of every day things

What’s the sound of a clown’s head? Thanks to German researcher Dennis P Paul we now know. Paul built ‘An Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things‘, a beautful looking machine that scans the surfaces of everyday objects and turns them into soundwaves. The 21st century theremin.

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