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26 October 2012

If there is any doubt about Twitter turning itself more and more into a destination site, the expanded tweets programme is a clear indicator of where they are heading.

Twitter just announced additional development to the programme they started earlier this year with a number of selected news partners like New York Times, Der Spiegel and Wall Street Journal. Now with more than 2000 new partners on the programme, Twitter hopes to “help you more easily find exactly what you’re looking for –– right here on Twitter.”

When you click a tweet that contains a link to a partner site, the tweet expands and you’ll be able to see more of the linked content directly within your Twitter stream.

With the new partners, new types of interaction are made possible as well.

Online retailer Topfloor enables you to shop directly from their Twitter stream, letting you click the items in their embedded video that takes you right to the selected product.

Amazon now lets you preview link content, pricing, star ratings, top rated reviews, and click instream to buy the product.

And perhaps most interestingly, embedded Soundcloud songs can not only be listened to and liked in your Twitter stream, it can also be shared from the tweet stream using other social sharing tools Facebook Like or Google+, or email.

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