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Facebook hits the Big B – but do they lock their users in? – The RAAKonteur #101

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5 October 2012

In another typical demonstration of how Twitter connects people in mysterious ways, the Dolphin Pub (around the corner from us) had a hilarious interaction with Douwe Egberts coffee this week, questioning the integrity of their founder’s name.

Facebook now has a billion active members, but are they locked in?

Facebook taking over

Facebook has achieved an important milestone, and it’s still expanding at a furious pace. We take a look at its ad revenue, its value as a company and whether it’s safe from competition.

Get on the visual social sharing band wagon

Visual Sharing

What can we learn from the fact that Instagram beats Twitter on mobile? Firstly, the user experience attached to visual sharing is easier, and secondly, visual sharing is an emerging trend that shouldn’t be ignored

Facebook tries to turn attention into a commodity

Facebook sponsored posts

Facebook is making it harder for organisations to reach their audience. And individuals can now pay to get noticed. But will it work?

Sentiment Analysis doesn’t get Steve Coogan, does it?

Sentiment Analysis will never get Steve Coogan

Fresh Networks published a brilliant piece of Sentiment Analysis they conducted on Twitter during an episode of Question Time. Their results portray Steve Coogan as being very unpopular – or does it?

App.net’s pricing is wrong

App.net's pricing model is wrong

App.net has just announced a price drop, after reaching, and exceeding their 10000 user goal with ease. Here’s why we think their pricing model is wrong.

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