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Facebook’s in stream ads – sponsored stories – are working

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19 October 2012

Mobile Sponsored Stories

As with Twitter, a new survey claims that Facebook’s in stream ads are working. Sponsored Stories are similar to Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, where you compose content much like a user normally would and then buy exposure in the Facebook feed.

Most importantly, 77% of users have not noticed mobile ads, indicating that it’s not annoying or overbearing (yet).

On Mobile these are the only ads Facebook displays to users and is therefor a core part of their strategy going forward. In September there was already some evidence that Sponsored Stories out-perform Facebook’s display ads.

The same study found that most users are not keen on Facebook’s Promoted Posts feature. What’s the difference? Sponsored stories are Facebook Page posts, ie done by or on behalf of a brand. Promoted Posts controversially allow normal users – in other words your friends – to buy more visibility for their own Facebook status updates.

If you’re perplexed as to why a user would want to do that, bear in mind that Facebook does not show your updates to all your friends. We explained the algorithm that governs that, called EdgeRank, here.

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