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The most pop savvy trolls on the internet – The RAAKonteur #102

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19 October 2012

Oi! Our Tweeting vending machine has won a number of awards the last two weeks. And RAAK’s becoming rather busy & as a result we’re slowly expanding. A bit scary but oh so exciting!

Trolling for attention

yolandi blackface

In a week when Reddit was embarrassed by the exposure in a brilliant piece of journalism of its biggest troll, creep and moderator ViolentAcrez, Die Antwoord showed why they are the most pop savvy & creative trolls on the net, when Twitter’s most popular user – Gaga – fell for their bait.

Feed shopping beats window shopping?

Facebook Pages has failed as online shops because users dont visit pages, they visit their feeds. Facebook and Twitter got new functionality this week that allows you to buy stuff directly in your feed. We take a closer look at shopping from the feed.

In-feed advertising works

Mobile Sponsored Stories

Twitter’s had it for a while. Now the results are trickling in for Facebook’s in feed sponsored stories. Not only is it doing better than display advertising, users are not annoyed by it (yet).

The Network makes the feed

A while ago Twitter and blogger co-founder Evan Williams posted on Branch why he regrets not building Blogger as a network, rather than stand alone blogs. The network trumps the stand alone sites. With recent data confirming that Pinterest – the network version of Tumblr – is over-taking the latter in size. But you might wonder whether the latter still has any use? Econsultancy provides 10 reasonable examples of brands using Tumblr successfully. But do bear in mind what you gain in terms of control over the interface is paid for in virality.

Klout in Passbook allows pulling rank in the real world?

Klout has released a Passbook card that allows you to show people how influential / self important you are. Will this card become the new members list? In case you missed it, Passbook is a new iOS6 feature, that allows you to carry digital copies of tickets and passes, in stead of hard copies. Eventbrite is also using it and saw 5% (20,000) of all their ticket sales converted to Passbook in the first week.

One net to rule them all

The average length of videos watched on YouTube has been rising year after year and now sits at 6.8 minutes. Not bad. Now, in a further attempt to surface quality content, YouTube has changed its algorithm for ranking videos in search results. Where it previously ranked according to the amount of clicks, it now will rank videos in accordance with the average amount of time watched. For one thing it will be the end of Rickrolling videos in search results. The forces are lining up for the coming assault on the TV screen.

So who is doing Instagram well?

Nastygal Instagram

With reports that Instagram is bigger than Twitter on mobile, attention is shifting to who is big on the platform. Business Insider made a top ten list, but pay no mind. It’s neither correct in absolute terms or correct in approach. McDonald’s do not have even 40,000 fans. And Nike only has 500,000. I say only, because an online shoe retailer, Solestruck (100,000), and an ex-Ebay vintage store, NastyGal (400,000), beats them hands down. Ever heard of them? My guess is no. That’s why it’s impressive. Do have a look though at this blog post of 4 brands using Instagram well. Oh and how’s this for a simple but great use of Instagram by a restaurant.

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