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We’ve all been Zuckered? – The RAAKonteur #103

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26 October 2012

As per usual there’s been much ado about Apple’s newest products. This time it’s the iPad Mini. Our two cents? It’s a boon for responsive design. Having yet another size screen to design for is making customising for each screen the opposite of a cinch.

The most audacious bait & switch ever?

Facebook bait and switch

In an excellent post Dangerous Minds explains how insidious Facebook’s new strategy is of limiting the reach of Pages and ordinary users. Facebook is being purposely broken enabling them to sell ads. The cynical amongst us (that’s us) would say, hey – when did Facebook become a public listed company? There you go.

Incredibly Facebook charges a flat-rate of $200 in the US so that your posts can reach 100% of your fans. Why is that weird? That means that if you are already very big (say you have one million followers) – paying that amount might be more than worth it. If you’re small, you’re out of luck. Wasn’t the beauty of the interwebz that it was supposed to benefit the small talented guys?

And just in case you think you’d like to try your luck with Promoted Posts, read this excellent analysis on their efficacy by Econsultancy.

The Sims

There are 5.9 million active simcards in the world, and 3.2 billion people – or 46% of the world’s population have at least one active mobile (cellular) device, says a report by The Economist. India is the first country where mobile internet traffic is starting to overtake that from fixed lines. In Japan, the leading online retailer Rakuten, is making a quarter of its $5 billion a year revenue on mobile, and this rate is still growing at over 300%!

Facebook meanwhile has revealed it made $150 million from mobile ads this quarter. That’s 14% of its ad revenues, which is quite impressive considering it was making zero from mobile at the beginning of this year.

SEO advice in a nutshell – do extraordinary content

Danny O’Sullivan, SEO expert, outlined two years ago why he thought Google took account of who shared a link on Twitter in ranking pages in search engine results. Then a study in April this year found what seemed to be a direct correlation between the number of tweets of a url and ranking. Recently we reported on the discovery of Google’s Authorship patent, which many think will have a big role to play going forward. So where does that leave you, dear reader? We’d suggest as we did before – follow SEO best practice, make sure you use the correct markup (using WordPress as a CMS is a good start) – and more importantly start producing interesting, compelling and authoritative content that gets shared or linked to.

Brand journalism – the new buzzword?

Red Bull the stratospheric media company

The idea that Content Marketing or Brand journalism is the way forward in social media marketing is gaining wider acceptance. And news just in: Red Bull has gone from being a FMCG company using content to market and brand itself, to a content company. Their media wing broke even last year and is expected to make a profit this year. And for your delectation, here is a nice post on 5 tools that can help you transform your data into sexy infographics.

Another one bites the dust

News.me Discontinued

The personalised ‘best of Twitter’ app News.me has announced that it will be discontinued. This saw everyone immediately drumming up rumours that Twitter might have cut them off, as they’ve become known to do as of late. Adriaan Pelzer takes a deeper look at what happened and asks when it is safe to build on top of Twitter.

Em-bed with Twitter

If there should be any doubt of Twitter turning itself more and more into a destination site, the expanded tweets programme is a clear indicator of where they are heading. Twitter just announced additional development and with now more than 2000 new partners on the programme, Twitter hopes to “help you more easily find exactly what you’re looking for –– right here on Twitter.”
We take a look at some examples of these Tweets.

Creative of the Week – Raghava KK

Raghava KK is one of those artists that embrace technology to challenge the status quo. In his Wired12 talk he talks about how he is trying to make art participatory. Not through crowdsourcing or some ‘old school’ technique, but through EEG-technology. He calls it ‘brainwave art‘.


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