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Ads are coming to Instagram – The RAAKonteur #107

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23 November 2012

Sigh of relief. New research shows that we do prefer sex to Facebook after all.

Content is King (again) because social is the throne

As PaidContent explains (and we told you ages ago, right?), Content is where it’s at, partly because of social media: “Content publishers are fortunate now to benefit from a massive traffic hose, the social networks.”

Coca-Cola for one has taken heed, relaunching the Coca-Cola website as a content destination. Our verdict? Nice try, but the content is not distinctive enough. For a distinctive voice, our vote goes to Innocent Smoothies.

Prada meanwhile has launched a lookbook as an App. And in other news, Medium, the new publishing platform by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, has hired a Content Director.

If everybody can publish, everybody can be sued

In times past, libel laws were made to protect individuals against large institutions with mass publishing and distribution power. But how to cope with swarms of individuals that publish and reshare libel on Twitter? Well, reports The Economist, Lord MacAlpine’s lawyers have tried a new model. They sent messages to those of the alleged offenders who had fewer than 500 Twitter followers and told them to make amends by donating to charity. While those with larger followings will face legal steps. Next, libel based on Klout scores?

Ads coming to Instagram?

Facebook recent term changes paves the way for Facebook and Instagram databases to talk to each other. This has lead to speculation that Instagram will soon get ads, while at the same time Facebook will get a deep well of location data, improving its own ad targeting. Bear in mind that very few people enable location on their Tweets, and very few users check into Facebook or Foursquare. But every Instagram pic has location data.

Liveblogs aren’t a gimmick

At last some solid data that shows that live-blogs outperform other online news formats – by up to 300%. Once again proving Emily Bell’s assertion that news is most interesting as it happens. And note, the guys behind WordPress, Automatic has released a great live-blogging plugin for their hugely popular platform.

Piggy-backing on Foursquare

Lufthansa has built a Facebook app that integrates with Foursquare, letting users check into Lufthansa venues (even flights) and earn special rewards. You can earn badges such as the “Early-Bird-badge” by checking into a flight before 6 in the morning. And you can also find out who is on the flight with you. Bonus!

You can’t keep a good simple idea down

You know the story. A plucky challenger tries his best, gets knocked down. But doesn’t give up. They come back for more, round after round. Bloodied but unbowed, the tide slowly shifts. So it is with the much maligned QR codes. Econsultancy has some great tips from the latest tactics and QR codes, and some surprising stats.

Fight for the future

Google this week threw its considerable weight behind a growing tide of concern over the International Telecoms Union (ITU) meeting in Dubai in 9 days’ time. What’s at stake? Pushed by countries like Russia, China, India and South Africa, this UN body wants to take over regulation of the Internet. Documents leaked so far reveal aspirations by some governments to curtail the open architecture of the internet. Do take a moment to watch the short video and send it around.

Creative of the week – Benjamin Redford


Digital aside – we never seem to stop craving those physical objects. Things we can smell and feel. Maybe you’re even old enough to remember slide projectors. Well then, Ben Redford from Mint Digital has combined the melancholy of the old-school projector with 3D-printing, LEDs and other modern technologies to yank it into the Instagram-era.

Projecteo is a small, beautiful projector that takes tiny rolls of 35 mm film which each contain 9 of your Instagram photos. Yes, you can now show your Instagram images on your wall.

Projecteo is still a prototype but it has reached its investment target on Kickstarter, so should be shipping early 2013. Bring on the popcorn.

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