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Are you going Friends-Free on Facebook?

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16 November 2012

A test by EdgeRank Checker earlier this week demonstrated the difference between Facebook’s Most Recent Feed and an unfiltered feed. It showed, to no big surprise, that a majority of Pages’ posts don’t reach the Most Recent Feed at all. The test also indicated that the Most Recent Feed filters hides a significant amount of your friends’ activities. 

Facebook has just taken the filtering a step further. They are offering the entirely friends-free version with the new ‘Pages only’ option for your newsfeed. The new link ‘Pages feed’, located in your left hand navigation, gets you a newsfeed with recent updates only from Pages you’ve liked.

It means you can now peruse all the company news, brand or team updates that you have subscribed to, without those distracting updates from your friends. This may be a concession to brands and companies, who with the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm saw their follower reach reduced by up to 40%.

However, users still have to find the link and select that feed view, and it’s highly unlikely that many people will notice a new text link in their list of navigation items. Your friends may be popping up in your feeds for a while yet.

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