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Instagram’s coming of age – The RAAKonteur #104

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2 November 2012

Does it matter for marketeers that more and more publications are selling their content? Yes, as there will be ever fewer opportunities to advertise. For more on this and other hurricanes hitting the media world, read on.

With Sandy, Instagram throws its hat into the news ring

Sandy - big on Instagram

On Monday – 10 photos per second were tagged #Sandy on the photo-sharing platform. Like Twitter, Instagram is designed to spread information quickly. A few weeks back it trumped Twitter for mobile usage and now, news just in that over half of the world’s top brands are on the platform.

WordPress enables Instagram embedding

WordPress has just made it even easier to use Instagrams, letting you embed images directly into blog posts on WordPress.com. All you have to do is copy an Instagram image URL from your browser address bar and paste it into your post – on its own line. By default it embeds the largest size of the image that fits into the content area and it links to the URL of the original image.

Sandy Trolling

Hundreds of fake Hurricane Sandy pictures made their way onto Instagram and Twitter, and some trolls posted fake, downright dangerous and misleading information. But before you dismiss social media because of this, read this excellent report as to why Twitter is like a self cleaning oven and how it (and services like Instacane) beat even CNN to the news.

Big troll is watching you

Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei interviewed one of the army of internet thought police that the Chinese government employs to guide opinion in China. “This requires a lot of skill. You can’t write in a very official manner, you must conceal your identity, write articles in many dif­ferent styles, sometimes even have a dialogue with yourself, argue, debate.”

Checkin to democracy

IVotedApp Foursquare

In next week’s US election Foursquare won’t only provide those that check in to election booths with badges, it has gone a step further. An app which sits as a layer on top of 4Sq, it will allow voters to find their local polling station and learn about the candidates and propositions that will be on the ballot ahead of time, powered by the Google Civic Information API. The app allows you to not only state that you voted, but also for which candidate (if you wish). On election day you will be able to watch Americans vote on election.foursquare.com in real time.

Study: Facebook boosts voter turn out

A study reported by Nature this week is fascinating. About 340,000 extra people turned out to vote in the 2010 US congressional elections because of a single election-day Facebook message. The estimate was based an experiment involving 61 million users of the social network.

MIT Media Lab likes to explore the boundaries between engineering and art. Jie Qi is a doctoral student who has created an interactive painting of a field with flowers. Behind the painting are LEDs acting as paint strokes which get activated when people blow on the flowers.

Read more about it on Wired UK.


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