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The Great Social Media elections of 2012 – The RAAKonteur #105

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9 November 2012

These elections were not Televised

Barack & Michelle Obama victory photo
The US presidential elections are no doubt the most visible elections in the world, and one of the biggest events on earth. This week’s elections were not only a triumph for Barack Obama, but also for Social Media as a whole.

Foursquare adds an Algorithm, with added Viral Spice

Foursquare's new Algorithm
Foursquare pushed a seemingly small update to its iOS app this week. However, the update contains two very valuable gems, both of which has far reaching consequences.

Everyone copies Instagram, and Instagram copies Everyone

Miista Instagram
The world of filter-photos is on fire. This week it transpired that both Twitter and Facebook have been working on photo filters themselves. That’s not all: Instagram is finally working on a web presence, like everyone else.

Facebook: the brewing War between Users and Advertisers

Facebook is torn between Users and Advertisers
Facebook finds themselves increasingly torn between users who don’t pay, and users who pay, or advertisers. These two groups have two very different ideals about what content should be.

Creative of the Week – Waldek Węgrzyn

Now, that’s an e-book. Polish art student Waldek Węgrzyn created a physical book as a digital interface.

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