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These elections were not Televised

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9 November 2012

The US presidential elections are no doubt the most visible elections in the world and one of the biggest events on earth. This week’s elections were a triumph in many ways for a brand new candidate in the media sphere …

Yes, of course, it is Social Media.

Barack & Michelle Obama Victory Photo

The run-up to the elections saw Barack Obama utilising Twitter, and even Reddit, in extremely innovative ways, especially for a US president. (To add a bit of context, Obama doing an AMA on Reddit at the time was a bit like if Led Zeppelin would reform and do an exclusive gig for a dedicated, influential fan club in the Congo)

So, needless to say, the big moments of the elections were captured on Social Media. Where else would you be able to track the amount of retweets, or amount of likes of Obama’s victory photo, the most tweeted and liked photo ever? Where else would you be able to track the amount of tweets mentioning either candidate as a punch-out between two mechanical characters? Where else would you see a live-updating map showing you where people are voting (and sharing the fact that they’re doing so)?

Social media, of course!

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