How we work


We strive to become you

“We created this product and company with our life’s passion and I don’t need it pitched, I need it shared as a real solution…as someone who truly believes it.”
– Client to Brian Solis of PR 2.0

Authenticity is key. To get that we need to plug into yóu. Immerse ourselves in your product, your organisation, your story, your crowds. Your agency even. Provided we believe in it of course. We don’t deliver solutions and disappear. We are a part of you.
And we put our money where our mouth is. We’re even open to discuss alternative business models like a revenue share.

We listen & engage

“We emerge from the process of listening & internalising in tune and in touch with (y)our markets and the people who define and direct them.”
– Brian Solis, PR 2.0

Listening & engaging with your communities is essential to be able to build a proper media strategy. We are constantly observing trends and the cultures of communities, making for sensible and real engagement strategies.

A media dream team

“No matter where you work, most of the smart people are somewhere else.”
– Bill Joy, co-founder Sun Microsystems

We’re compact and nimble.
The people most suitable for your solution may not be working for us. But they will be. Tapping into our network of experts is key to efficiency; trans-disciplinary collaboration is key to creativity. This means we don’t suggest solutions based on an in-house, pre-existing skillset. You get what you need.

Meeting business goals

“It shouldn’t matter how creative an idea was if it didn’t do a thing to move the needle for the client.”
– Paul Isakson, Director of Brand Planning, Space150

We’re realistic. It’s not about us winning awards. We won’t build you a bespoke social network if your brand or product won’t easily support one. We will help you define measurable goals and meet them.
And we’re known for getting things done.

Small steps

“Social technology is like sex. It’s fun to talk about, but you can’t truly comprehend it until you do it.”
– George Colony, Chief Executive of Forrester.

But that’s easier said than done. We can introduce you to new media strategies one step at a time, on any level. Small things can make a big impact too.