Why we’re not an agency… Sort of

“’Creative communications plug-in’, nice gimmick, but what are you really?”

Agencies as we know them -if not a dying breed- will be of less importance in the future.
Media convergence and the democratisation of media is a reality. The middlemen are getting in the way of you and your customer. So we don’t feel the traditional ‘agency’ description does us justice. We are a part of you.


…a creative agency?
You mean, a boutique advertising agency?
We do create exceptional experiences to create awareness, yes! And there’s nothing wrong with pretty pictures or an amazing piece of video. But advertising is changing. See what we think about advertising.

…a web development house?
Yes, we build complex websites and iPhone applications. In our experience most successful digital solutions help organisations talk with and interact with users.

…a PR agency?
Yes, we do help organisations connect and engage with their customers. We do brand monitoring. But we also give you the tools and teach you to make a deeper & cheaper connection yourself.

…a digital agency?
Of course, we use the internet and digital technology to produce content and distribute your message. But we don’t do banners, skyscrapers & microsites unless there’s a very good reason for it. Quite often there isn’t.