The Raakonteur

What others have said about The RAAKonteur

The RAAKonteur is a weekly snapshot of what’s happening in the world of social media. You can see the previous issues on your right, and further to the right is the sign up.

Here is a selection of just some of the feedback we have had:

Greg Bernada – Strategy, Innovation and Change Management Consultant – LinkedIn

“Thanks again for your wonderful newsletter. That’s a lot of smarts and a lot of love packed in a short weekly email!”

Peter Geubels – Global brand manager British American Tabaco – LinkedIn

I really like the RAAKonteur. It’s concise & it keeps me up-to-date on what I need to know about Social Media.

Clare Moore-Bridger, Associate Director, Fishburn Hedges – LinkedIn

The RAAKonteur team are digital magpies. Their blog is where they show the shiniest and best of what they pick up in the digital communications world. Too many blogs just focus on ‘what’s new’. But with the RAAKonteur, I appreciate the care taken to analyse not just the execution, but the impact of digital comms.

Francois Le Palec – Digital Media Consultant & Board Advisor – LinkedIn

“I’m a big fan of ur newsletter!”

Matt Hayes – Consultant at Ergo – LinkedIn

“Genuinely interesting stuff and good references for the not-so-web likes of me!”

Marcus Taylor – Director, Taylor/Thomas – LinkedIn

“I really enjoy your newsletter. Very useful for a design company like us.”