Guided Collective

Collaborative Platform for Creatives

When Proctor & Gamble crowdsourced their latest ads for Pepperami, new London agency Guided came to see us. The same could be done with a curated community of cross disciplinary creatives he thought. We agreed. But why not also build a platform that incentivises the creatives to collaborate?

We brainstormed, conducted focus groups, and developed the Guided Platform.

The collaboration platform has activity feeds, messaging profiles, all the features one would expect from a social site. But it also has two distinguishing features.

Creatives can hide their creative responses to briefs from peers if they want -giving them peace of mind.

Secondly, part of the budget is ring-fenced for the best ideas. And part of the budget is ring-fenced for collaboration to make ideas eve beter.

Read more about it here.