Miista Shoes


Create brand awareness for Miista and use social media to engage people and increase online sales.

For the January Sales we created a campaign for the shoe brand Miista, using Twitter and Klout to get fans spread the word.

From the online shop people could make their favourite designs cheaper by tweeting a link to it. The discount was based on the Klout score of the person tweeting and the discount was made available to everyone. People could team up or try to get influencers with high Klout score to help drive the price of their favourite product down to zero.

The ten-day campaign increased unique users per day to the online shop by more than 1,000% and average time on site trebled.

The campaign not only resulted in lots of happy customers, it also boosted Miista’s reputation in the market, establishing them as a smart, tech savvy fashion brand.

Nearly two-thirds of visitors were coming to the site for the first time… and those visitors are still coming back.

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